Mosko Group

About Us

Established in 1925 by patriarch and master craftsman, James Mosko, the Mosko Group has evolved from a small family business into one of the largest and most experienced civil engineering and construction companies throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Four generations of the Mosko family have grown with The Bahamas and today the family leads a Group of companies dealing in a wide variety of areas which include bulk materials, building supplies, general and specialised construction, marinas, rental properties and tourist facilities.

James George Mosko, senior, arrived in The Bahamas in 1924 from his native Greece, changed his name from Moskovakis then set up business as a master carpenter. His talents soon got noticed and he undertook many prestigious commissions which included clients such as the Government of The Bahamas and Queen Elizabeth II.

In 1958 George established Mosko's United Construction Co. Ltd. In addition to making furniture and general contracting. The Mosko Group is involved in marine construction, production of ready mixed concrete, importation of bulk cement and other materials. He has numerous other businesses including The Pirate’s Museum, rental properties, and marinas.

In June 2001 George was awarded an OBE for service to the construction industry. George is also a member on The Salvation Army advisory board and, in October 2008 was the recipient of The William Booth Award. This award is The Salvation Army’s highest honour given to individuals for selfless dedication of time, talent and resources helping others in the community.

George Mosko, took the family business and set the foundations for the huge expansion which has since taken place. A hard working and tough businessman, he drummed the benefits of a strong work ethic into his sons. James, Milton and John joined the company in the 1970s; this marked the third phase in the development of the family business. The company has since grown expediential


The activities of the Group's building and construction companies include:

  • General Building Contractors & Developers
  • Construction Project Management
  • Marine Construction
  • Supply of Ready Mixed Concrete
  • Bulk Cement Supply
  • Aggregate Supply

Having grown with The Bahamas, the Group has demonstrated its capability and capacity to overcome any obstacle. Mosko Group also features extensive bonding facilities.

In addition to its diverse building and construction activities the Group boasts a broad portfolio of other businesses, operations and equity interests. These activities include:

  • Property Development & Leasing
  • Hotel & Marina Operations
  • Museum & Retail Operations
  • Fixed Base Operations
  • Insurance
  • Air Conditioning
  • Treasure Search